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GDI Overseas - Featured Properties

Aba Talay - Thailand

£14,165 GBP
**GROUND BREAKING PRICES** ABATALAY prices are OVER 30% BELOW Jomtien Beach (Pattaya) market value. A new record for the market i ...

Palma Resort - Egypt

£36,263 GBP
Palma Resort is a five star complex on the beach front, set against the backdrop of the beautifully preserved Red Sea. It is designed ...

El Andalous - Egypt

£93,454 GBP
Luxury beachfront “El Andalous Residence” is located to the north of the “Old Town” and next to spectacular p ...

Al Saraya Residence - Egypt

£33,836 GBP
Al Saraya Resort is a combination between the Oriental and European Style overlooking the green of the Golf courses with breathtaking ...

Al Dora Residence - Egypt

£35,352 GBP
Al Dora Residence is a stunning complex located at the North of Hurghada in the up-market district of Al Helal. This off-plan project ...

Makram Residence - Studio - Egypt

£17,000 GBP
Makram Residence is a new gated residential compound situated in a prime location in the heart of Hurghada’s city center on Tou ...

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GDI Overseas Property Specialists

GDI Overseas is a recognised preeminent real estate company bringing you a selection of spectacular real estate investment opportunities. We showcase the world’s finest real estate and the industry’s leading luxury investment realty.

Whether you are looking to find your ocean front dream home, your golf course estate or your off-plan investment, let us assist you in your search from the comfort of your home or office.

The team at GDI Overseas offers a 5 star personal service on all our properties and every client will have a dedicated investment manager who will broker the whole deal for you.

This is a prompt, personal service and due to our popularity with high profile cliental, your confidentiality is our main priority!

We Specialise in Egypt Property, Property in Hurghada, Sharm el sheikh, Thailand Property & Pattaya Property, Property in Bulgaria and Malaysia Property Investments.

GDI Overseas is part of the GDI Group of companies registered in the UAE with Offices in London – Prague – Dubai – Hong Kong.

Contact us now and we look forward to assisting you further!